Penfriend XL is a powerful screen reader with text magnification, Word Prediction and On-screen Keyboards in many languages.

Recent question from a user in Iceland:

I am Rakel I use Penfriend XL many times a day. I could not live without it. My question to you today is will I be able to use Penfriend XL with windows 10, or will I need an upgrade to a newer version.?


Penfriend version 5 and version 4 work in Windows 10, also the Cereproc voices in version 4, which did not work in Windows 8.1, now work fine.

Price Reductions

Penfriend XL version 5 includes Arabic language lexicons along with English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portugese, Swedish, Latin and Scottish Gaelic. The standard price of Penfriend XL for installation on one computer is just£95, with comparable reductions for Penfriend XL Portable and other versions.

Who is Penfriend for?

Penfriend software benefits users who have dyslexia, visual impairment or physical disablilities, including Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, Stroke, limb deformities and any condition which impairs the ability to write with a keyboard.

Penfriend helps users to write faster by predicting the next word they want to type, allowing faster writing for longer tasks, promoting better spelling and grammar and encouraging users to overcome low self esteem and become more confident writers.

Features include powerful word prediction, on-screen keyboard, screen reading, lexicon editing and the ability to learn new words as you type.

Penfriend Products

Penfriend XL

Penfriend XL

Penfriend XP

Penfriend XP

  • Word prediction.
  • On-screen keyboard.
  • Speech feedback.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL).
  • Learning of new words
  • Integrates with Clicker 5.2

Penfriend Portable

Penfriend Portable

  • Penfriend Portable comes on a USB memory stick.
  • No installation required.
  • Can be used on many computers.
  • Versions of all Penfriend products are available as "Portables".