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Abbreviation Expansion

An abbreviation expansion system which reconstructs full words or sentences from abbreviated typed text can be a very important benefit to people who suffer from motor difficullties or dyslexia. Reliable abbreviation expansion reduces the number of keystrokes that users need to input in order to communicate in full and rich language

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As well as predicting words using the letters you type, Penfriend can store phrases or other words, assigned to special codes. When you type the short code and press Space, Penfriend can automatically replace it. This can speed up writing of commonly used phrases or even sentences.

Penfriend's abbreviation expansion function is under user control. So, naturally, you can control the abbreviations and their associated phrases yourself, adding and removing them at will.

Below is an example of how Abbreviations can now be used. Using the abbreviation qa 11 addresses have been stored. When you type qa they all appear in the prediction window. When you then click on the one you want, in the example CECIAA, its full address is typed into your document.

Penfriend now accepts unlimited length and number of abbreviations.

In English qa, qb, qc are good as abbreviations as there are no words beginning with these combinations. If qa is banned, as it has been in the example below, then it will not appear.

Abbreviation address

When you type qa you get 11 addresses in the prediction window and left clicking on one will put it into your document. You could use the same system for common email addresses or URLs.

Agent addresses

If you click on CECIAA then the full address is entered into your document.

CECIAA address

The tv abbreviations can help an individual with communication difficulties to communicate with a carer or another person. By typing one abbreviation, tv, up to 11 related expansions can be shown and either entered into a document or spoken. Here by typing tv they have 11 requests to a carer for help with the TV.

Abbreviation TV

When they then type ‘tv’ in their document, the 12 instructions all appear in the predictor window. Note that tv does not appear as it has been banned in the lexicon.

Abbreviation TV

If they have set Penfriend to speak on a right click then the phrase they want will be spoken when they click on it.

Switch access. Abbreviation expansion with 11 expansions for each abbreviation can be very valuable for those using switches. By typing two letters they can have sets of 11 expansions greatly reducing the effort of writing or speaking common phrases.

If they have set Penfriend to speak on a right click then the phrase they want will be spoken when they click on it.

In French there are virtually no words starting with ‘k’ so ka, kb etc can be used for sets of 12 abbreviations.