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Who can Penfriend benefit?

Physical Disabilities

Penfriend is the ideal tool to help people with Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, Stroke, limb deformities and any condition where the physical effort of typing is difficult. It is also of great value for those with Dyslexia

It speeds up writing by cutting down the number of keystrokes needed to write a document. The only comparison (Ch 14 p 164) between predictors we know of showed that Penfriend saved more keystrokes than any other program.

The on-screen keyboard may be the only means of writing using a mouse controlled by hand, head or foot
Abbreviation expansion speeds the typing of common phrases or text such as one's address.

Switch access provided through other programs such as the integration with Clicker enables to severely physically handicapped to write. Penfriend's


Word prediction

Word prediction is very valuable for those with dyslexia where recognising a correctly spelt word offered by the predictor is easier than thinking how to spell it in the first place.

Better spelling, grammar, thesaurus, dictionaries

Better spelling and grammar helps many but particularly those with dyslexia. Knowing that Penfriend provides correctly spelt words gives greater confidence.

The access provided by Penfriend XL to Microsoft Word's spell checking, thesaurus, dictionaries and translation is of great help to any with dyslexia.

Speech Feedback and Screen Reading
Another benefit of Penfriend for those with dyslexia is it's speech feedback and in Penfriend XL its screen reading features.

Being able to hear each letter, word or sentence vocalized as you type is of very obvious value to those with dyslexia, but Penfriend also allows you to highlight a block of text or an entire document and have it read back to you. This not only allows dyslexic people to understand the contents of a document they may not be able to read, but also helps them to associate the sound of a word with how it looks on the page.

On-screen keyboard

Penfriend's on-screen keyboard reduces the strain of glancing between screen and keyboard, a valuable tool for the dyslexic using a computer.

Faster writing of longer tasks

For those with

Visual Impairment

One can change the font size in Penfriend to make it easier for those with poor sight to see the predictions and controls in Penfriend.

When screen reading, open the clipboard in a convenient position, then everything read appears in the clipboard at the same position on the screen and in the font size being used in Penfriend.