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Lexicons for Penfriend XP and Penfriend XL:

Business English (20,000 words)
Scientific English (20,000 words)

Penfriend XL comes with a number of lexicons in many languages. We are constantly producing new lexicons and here we supply lexicons which you can download to use in Penfriend XL.

The following Gaelic lexicons are the final release of lexicons that have been developed in collaboration with Stòrlann Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig.

To use these lexicons you need Penfriend XL version or later
Gaelic (10,000 words)
Gaelic (5,000 words)
Gaelic (2,000 words)
Gaelic (500 words)

Lexicons to support emergent literacy

Penfriend would like to thank Andrew Lysley at the Ace Centre for kindly allowing us to use and distribute five high frequency word lexicons.

Emergent literacy
The lexicons are high frequency core wordlists that primary schools teach children to support emerging and developing literacy, in particular language, vocabulary and word syntax. The lexicons are designed to support children at Key Stage 1 & 2 (in England) and Primary 1 – 3 in Scotland.

Developing word relationships
Autumn landscapeAndrew suggests that the best way to use the lexicons would be to add keywords associated to the wordlists. For example, as we head into autumn keywords could revolve around ‘harvest’ in which case a teacher or teaching assistant would take one of the core wordlists, save it as ‘ core reception words plus harvest words’ and then add keywords associated with harvest time, e.g., harvest, fruit, corn, pick, apples, pears, leaves etc.

For those children who are working with developmentally (or chronologically) older children, the wordlists can be taken to a higher level with more complex, richer and topic vocabulary; gather, wheat, maize, festival etc. high frequency words and years 1 and 2 high frequency words