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SAPI Voices

Text To Speech voices

Until March 2014, certain Cereproc voices were distributed with Penfriend XL and some non-English other products.

From April 2014 onwards, Penfriend products will not include text to speech voices, but continue to be compatible with most SAPI voices, including those supplied with Windows. Price reductions are being applied across the product range.

Download more voices

Current Penfriend products are compatible with any SAPI5 voices, meaning that you can download additional speech engines for reading out your predictions, screen, and so on.

There are some voices which cost money, and others which are freely downloadable. The licence conditions of each supplier vary, and Penfriend Ltd is not responsible for checking that your usage meets their terms.

You may already have some of these installed on your computer as part of other applications. If you want one or more of the voices noted here, download them onto your computer and then install them. You may need to be logged in as administrator. Similarly if you are installing SAPI4 voices you may need to install the SAPI4 runtime.

Free Downloads for SAPI5