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Installing and activating penfriend

Downloading Penfriend

1. Log on to our web-site if you are registered and have permission to download the software.

2. Go to Customer Downloads and choose the product you wish to install - Penfriend XP or XL.

3. Click on the link and save the Penfriend installation file (file extension .msi) to a convenient directory. You can also do this by right clicking the link and selecting "save link as" or "save target as".

Alternatively you can choose to run the software from the dialogue that appears after clicking the link. In this case, click Run and the installer will download and start as soon as the download is complete. A prompt will appear asking "Are you sure you want to run this software?". Click Run and the installation process will begin.

Installing Penfriend

If installing from a disc go to your DVD/CD drive, or if installing from a download go to the directory where you saved the download.

Double click on the Penfriend.msi file and the install window will appear. Follow the on-screen instructions and click Next on each dialogue when ready.

1. Licence Agreement - read, then click ‘I accept the terms in the licence agreement’

2. Customer Information - Type your name, organisation and install code or serial number in the relevant fields.

3. Installation - Click Next and Penfriend will start to install

4. Activation - A window will appear asking you to activate your product by internet. Enter your email address to receive support and click on OK. If you do not have internet access, click cancel as you can activate the product later.

5. A final dialogue window will appear telling you that Installation has completed. Click on Finish.

Penfriend is now installed and (if activated during installation) ready to use.


If you chose to not to activate the software during installation, it is important that you do so before you start using penfriend or you will not have full functionality.

1. Open Penfriend and go to the View menu, then select Activate.

2. You will then be presented with the same activate window you saw during installation. Here, you can either choose to activate by internet (default) or select activate manually. Then click OK.

3. If you choose to activate manually, a window will appear with a 22 digit "activation request code" and an empty field below in which an "activation response code" must be entered.

4. Go to the "manual activation form" on this web site. To reach it click on the link to our Activation page.

5. Enter your e-mail address in the box and click on Continue

6. Enter the 22 digit activation request code in the second box which has now appeared, and click on Finish.

7. A message appears saying Activated with a 15 digit "activation response code" below.

8. Return to the "Activate Product Manually" window that you opened in step 3 and enter the 15 digit activation response code, then click OK.

Your product will now be activated and you will have full access to all Penfriend’s features.


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