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Newsletter. Sept 2013

Penfriend Newsletter

Welcome to the September 2013 newsletter from Penfriend Ltd!

20% off Sale

Take advantage of our great back-to-school offers this term!

To help you and your pupils make a smooth transition back to the new school term, Penfriend is offering a range of discounted ‘back to school’ deals. Get a 20% discount on Penfriend XL and XP, on installation CDs, additional users, and Portable USB sticks, when bought directly from Penfriend Ltd.

To find out more visit the Penfriend web site.

Arabic Language

Arabic language support in Penfriend is on the way! Thanks to the generous support of Mada, based in Qatar, Penfriend will soon be available localised in Arabic. This includes lexicons, application user interface, and compatibility. There will also be support for Arabic language lexicons in Penfriend XL. This major project has been under development for some time, and is planned for release in November 2013.

Site Licences and Leasing

Penfriend is now offering a variety of flexible routes to purchase:
  • Site licences across a school network.
  • Off-site locations included, so all pupils can benefit from our comprehensive suite of literacy tools.
  • Leasing allows you to install Penfriend on all your computers throughout a local authority, with painless deployment and installation. You will receive regular school or regional updates and new versions for free!
  • Customers can also buy Penfriend directly and from the website. You can now download all your favourite Penfriend products, including updates, directly from our website.

Abbreviation expansion

You can use Penfriend's abbreviation expansion feature as a communication aid, as well as for spelling correction and speed enhancement. Penfriend now accepts unlimited length and number of abbreviations. Up to 12 can be displayed from just one typed abbreviation, allowing the user to choose without remembering so many codes. 


Have you tried the support for homophones and confusable words in both English and French.  Penfriend version 4.1 introduced homophone support in English, allowing user to differentiate between similar sounding words such as 'there' and 'their' – sometimes known as confusable words.

Do look at the support in French with future plans to extend into other languages.


Penfriend also provides 24 hour-a-day support to its customers via our on-line Penfriend video tutorials. The tutorials are very accessible, easy-to-follow and contain everything you need from ‘Getting Started with Penfriend’ to ‘Screen Reading’, ‘Customising Lexicons’ and much more. To view the Penfriend tutorials and discover the range of powerful tool and features that Penfriend has to offer, visit the Penfriend blog and select the Tutorials tab.