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On-screen Keyboard

Penfriend XL comes with keyboards for many languages where their colour and size and font size can be adjusted to suit the user. Anyone can type easily in a foreign language.

On-Screen Keyboard

The on-screen keyboards in both the XP (English only) and XL (multi-language) versions of Penfriend will be particularly useful for people either with physical disabilities affecting their use of a keyboard, or for those with dyslexia by reducing the visual strain of glancing repeatedly between the screen and keyboard.

It is also useful to anyone wanting to type in a language that is different from the default language on the users computer. Typing French on a computer set up for use in the UK or German on a computer set up for use in France becomes simple with Penfriend XL's keyboards.

There are now additional characters such as €,[,],@,# available via the Alt key. And the English keyboard now has the accented characters used in Gaelic.

On-Screen Keyboard