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Sensible Options

Preferences Penfriend makes its options easy to understand. There are enough to give you the choices you need for the people you work with, but each makes sense, giving you flexibility and comprehension.

The colours of text, in the prediction window and the on-screen keyboard, can be adjusted. The colour of highlighted words, both text and background, can be controlled separately from the normal words. Whether Penfriend learns new words, predicts them immediately, applies 'smart punctuation', or speaks as you type, can all be decided by you. A document included when you buy the system explains which options would help most.

Further, the options are stored per user rather than for the whole computer. This means you can have several people with different needs using the same system, but each one gets it configured especially for them. So one user might be working in English, another in French. All these preferences are stored in the lexicon

For a detailed explanation of the options, download the free demonstration and read the on-line help.