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Delivery and Returns

Return and Cancellation Policy

Penfriend Ltd accepts cancellations of orders placed, if received by Penfriend Ltd before any action has been taken to fulfil the order.

Penfriend Ltd accepts returns of software despatched if returned unopened in as-new condition, including that any activation features included within it have not been used (i.e. that the software has not been installed or activated). Returns are subject to a restocking fee of £10 plus the postage paid by Penfriend Ltd to deliver the item, and the item must be returned to Penfriend Ltd at the buyer's own expense.

Items found to be significantly defective within 30 calendar days of purchase, i.e. to fail to work in a major advertised way, may be refunded by Penfriend Ltd subject to receipt by the company of a clear and reproducible description of the defect, and agreement by the company that it is significant and major. Such a defect must be demonstrated to be in the product itself, and not in any other product from a different seller (such as another software application).

No refunds are given for items found to be unsatisfactory or not as expected during use, without being demonstrably defective.

Delivery Policy

Penfriend products are sold on physical media, e.g. a CD-ROM which is sent by post. The standard delivery charge for simple orders is £4.

Penfriend Ltd generally aims to despatch orders placed within one working day after receipt, but from time to time extends this, for example due to shortage of stock, in which case customers will have the opportunity to cancel their order.

Physically and commercially small orders are usually delivered by Royal Mail First Class post, for the fee explained on the sales page.

Larger orders are delivered by a private courier, for a fee notified to the buyer.

In some cases, Penfriend Ltd may offer electronic delivery, in which case the postage and packing charge will be free.

Delivery of an item to a buyer is recognised when the earlier of the following events occurs:

  • confirmation of delivery by the courier or post office,
  • activation of the software using the code delivered.

Government and large business customers may agree terms for payment after delivery. Failure to pay within 30 days of invoice may incur additional charges and suspension of credit. Individual and small business customers must pay with their order.